Contactor 20A

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The contactor is a mandatory safety device that switches of the voltage if there is no power demand from the EV.

The contactor switches  230/400 volt AC mains supply to the EV.

The configuration is a 4 pole for switching N, L1, L2 and L3.  The operation is “Normally Open” (NO) which means that activating will close the contacts. The contactor is rated at 20 Amp (AC-1). The coil activation voltage is 12 volt DC which matches the IQLaad Charge Controller Plug & Charge.

This contactor is activated by the Charge Controller. As soon as Charge controller detects EV that requires power, it will provide a 12 Volt signal to the activation coils of the contactor. The contacts will close and power will be available to charge the EV.


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