Alternating Current

Provided by the Mains Supply. The voltage and current alternate with a frequency fo 50 hertz (60 hertz in North America)


Direct Current

Direct current is a voltage and current which doesn’t change polarity.


Ingress Protection

The IP is followed by two digits. The first digit denotes the protection against penetration of objects, ranging from fingers to dust. The second digit denoted the protection against water.


Electric Vehicle

A car or automobile, propelled by an electric motor. Variations are :

  • BEV: Battery EV – Energy is stored in (large) battery.
  • PHEV: Plug-In Hybrid EV – ICE car with (small) battery and combined electric and ICE propulsion, The battery can be charged from EVSE
  • FCEV: Fuel Cell EV (energy is stored as hydrogen and a fuel cell creates electricity for the motor)

EV Charger

Mains connected supply of energy to EV

Sometimes referred to as AC Charger, Charge Point, EVSE


Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

A group of components that together form an EV Charger. A minimum set would be:

  • Charge Controller;
  • Ccontactor;
  • Socket (Type 2) or a cable with plug (Type 1 or Type 2).

Additional components such as fuses and RCD is recommended but can be placed outside the enclosure of the EVSE.


Protective Earth

The connection that comes with the mains supply cable that is connected to earth. Sometimes also referred to as ‘ground’. It serves for safety to provide a return path for fault currents.


Proximity Pilot

Contact pin in charge cable plugs. Read more here


PlugIn Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Automobile with typically an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. The plugin refers to the fact that the batteries can be charged from a mains supply as well as from regenerative braking.


Pulse Width modulation

In context of EV charging, a signal with a frequency of 1 kHz and variable duty cycle. This variation in duty cycle carries a code for the EV to decode. The PWM signal conveys the maximum amperage an EV may draw.


Residual Current Protection

The RCD protects humans from exposure to electric shock by detecting fault currents and breaking the circuit.