Why do we need adapters?
There is a need for adapters because there isn’t a universal connector for all types of electric vehicles and the different charging stations. With an adapter, a charging station changes into any desired outlet (230Volt and 400 Volt).

Light electrical vehicles
Light electric vehicles such as electric mopeds, motorcycles mono-wheels, Segway’s, and Renault Twizy are using a different connection like Schuko, C13 and CEE connectors. An adapter makes it possible to charge these light electrical vehicles at (public) charging stations.

Charging station instead of diesel motor
Vehicles that often use their (diesel) motor to power ancillary equipment such as cooling trucks might also benefit from an adapter.
The adapter Type 2->CEE5 allows a cooling trailer to get power from the charging station. Also nearby construction sides could benefit from the 400 volt supply.

Type 1 -Type 2 Conversion
With an adapter Type 1 to Type 2 you can also use a charging station that is intended for charging cars with a different type of plug (Type 1 tot Type 2 or vice versa). 

The Type 2 to Type 1 adapter is often purchased when a family of different types of electric cars are used and only one charging station (for a certain type of plug) is placed at the house. 

Other devices using a charging station
An adapter can also be used to connect other electric devices such as a lawn mowers, refrigerators or electric pumps to a charging station. 

IQLaad is manufacturer of the adapters. Therefore we can accommodate special requests.