Charge cable 11 kw

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The charge cable is used when constructing an EVSE with tethered cable. The charge cable comes with a length of  5 or 10 meters of cable,  the car side plug, and an holder for convenient and water proof storage of the plug.

Type 2 plug

the cable comes with a Type 2 plug. This is the standard for European cars. It is suited for 1 phase and 3 phase charging up to 13.8 kiloWatt.

When the car has a type 1 connection (import or older model), an EVSE  socket provides a solution.

The charge cable consist of 7 wires. There are 5 power cables and 2 signal cables. The power wires have a size of 2.5mm2. This allows a maximum of 16 ampere (20 ampere in Germany) to be safely transported. This means a power of 11 kilowatt. The signal wires have a gauge of 0.5mm2.

The power cables are Green/Yellow for Earth, Blue for Neutral and Brown, black and grey for L1, L2 and L3 respectively.
The signal cables are white (between Earth and N ) for Communciation Pilot and red (between L1 and L2) for Proximity Pilot.


The cable comes in 2 length: 5 and 10 meter. In case 10 meter isn’t long enough, we would advise to use a 5 meter and make a (fixed) junction box near the EV’s parking place. For the cable from EVSE (contactor) to junction box a regular power cable (5G2.5 or 5G4 for really long length) and an FTP cable for the communication pilot and proximity pilot can be used.

Plug Holder

The type 2 plug has a dust cap. It does protect the contacts however it isn’t water proof. If the cable is not used and is not protected against rain, the plug holder will provide a water proof method of storing the plug.

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5m, 10 m