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On this website you can find all information on electric charging. How does a charge point work and what products do you need.

We sell all kind of products related to electric vehicles and electric infrastructure. Our three product lines consist of Adapters, EV Simulators and Charge controllers.


There is a need for adapters because there isn’t a universal connector for all types of electric vehicles and the different charging stations. With an adapter, a charging station changes into any desired outlet (230 Volt or 400 Volt).

Light electric vehicles such as electric mopeds, motorcycles mono-wheels, Segway’s, and Renault Twizy are using a different connection like Schuko, C13 and CEE connectors. An adapter makes it possible to charge these light electrical vehicles at (public) charging stations.

EV Simulators

The EV-Simulator simulates an electric car and is used as a tester. The EV simulator supports successful and safe installing, commissioning and periodic testing of charging stations.

Using the EV-Simulator, convenient, safe and reliable tests can be conducted. The installation crew can leave the site, knowing the charging station is fully functional, reducing the need to return to the site for inspections and repairs.

Charge Point Kits

A Charge Point Kit gives you the possibility to construct a charge point based on your customers requirements. The DIN Rail mounted components can be quickly and safe installed in many enclosures.

The Kit provides an universal and flexible solutions for customers that don’t want the expensive off-the-shelf chargers.

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