Socket Type 2 for EVSE

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Socket, i.e. female outlet, for EV charging stations.

Socket is conform IEC62196-2. It is also denoted as a Type 2 outlet. The type 2 plugs and sockets are the standard for connecting and charging Electric Cars in Europe.

The socket has silver plated brass connectors that supports currents upto 32 ampere. This means that at 3 phases the maximum power is 22 kW.


The socket can be connected using stranded or solid wires. It has screw terminals so that no special tools are needed. The size of the cable is upto 6mm2 for the power lines and upto 1 mm2 for the signal lines. For stranded wires, the use of ferrules is adviced.

There are 7 terminals:

  • CP – Communication Pilot – 1 mm2
  • PP – Proximity Pilot – 1 mm2
  • PE – Protective Earth – 6 mm2
  • N – Neutral – 6 mm2
  • L1, l2, L3 – 230/400 volt power lines – 6 mm2

The socket can be used with optional locking.

The Ingres Protection is IP 55.