Charge Point kits

There are many charge points on the market. They all have 1 thing in common: They come in an enclosure that can be mounted to the wall or put on a pedestal.

But what if your customers want a different solution? For example mounted in the utility closet, small enclosure or integrated in a brick pillar fence?

Or what if you have a great skills to build enclosures?

With the charge point kit, safe and reliable electronics is offered ready to integrate in any housing available. The DIN mounted component make installing easy. Wiring is easy and detailed instructions are provided.

What you need, at minimum, to charge a car are:

  • Charge Controller
  • Contactor
  • Cable with Type 2 plug or Socket Type 2

It is important that the cabling is connected to the right fuses and residual current devices (RCDs) according to local regulations. These might differ in various countries.