Charge Controller Plug & Charge

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The Charge Controller is the communication module between the EV and the mains supply. It activates the contactors of the EVSE when a car is properly connected and the car demands power.

The Charge Controller takes care of mode 3 charging which is the standard for public and house hold charging via a fixed charge point.

The charge controller is of type Plug&Charge which means that no authentication of the user is needed. The charging starts as soon as the EV is connected. This is ideal for non-public charge points such as home chargers. Optionally the charging can be started and stopped with a key switch or button.

The charge controller can be used with a tethered cable or a socket. In combination with a socket, the charge controller will lock the plug in the socket. As soon as the EV is disconnected, the socket will release the lock and the cable can be unplugged.

As there are special adapters that use Mode 3 simplified charge protocol, the charge controller will detect this and locking will not take place. Thus the adapter can be removed when charging has finished.

Upon installation, the maximum current of the system can be set in the Charge Controller via a dipswitch. There are 16 current settings ranging from 6 Ampère to 80 ampère. The status led will show the current setting via flashing colors.

The Charge Controller operates of 12Vdc and can activate contactors with a 12Vdc coil too.

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Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 8 cm



12 Vdc

Power consumption

0.03 Watt