EV Simulator – AC Charger tester

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The EV Simulator is used to test if an AC charging point functions correctly. Typically an installer of charge point use this device to commission the charge point. With that, they can leave the site knowing that the charger is fully functional.

It simulates the communication between an EV and the AC charger.

The EV Simulator can test chargers with sockets as well as chargers with tethered Type 2 plugs. For testing chargers with a tethered type 1 cable, adapter is needed. This can be ordered here.

Easy to use

The EV Simulator is easy to use. Just few steps are needed to validate the EV Charger is fully operational.

1) Plug in the charger and set switch “EV Ready” to on.

2) Activate the EV charger by app, mobile or RFID card which ever is applicable

3) Set switch ‘Charge’ to ‘On’: For a 1 phase EV charger LED indicator L1 will go on. For a 3 phase charger all 3 mains LEDS (L1, L2, L3) should turn on and one of the phase indictors will indicate the phase direction of the mains.

Optionally, a BNC connector offers the possibility to measure the Control Pilot (CP) signal. An Oscilloscope or multimeter which is able to measure  1 khz ac signals is necessary.

The EV Charger Tester comes with a Schuko outlet. When connected with a load, it can be used to validate the energy meter (Kwh-meter) (if present in the Charger). The outlet may also be used to connect electric tools or chargers up to a maximum of 3700 watt (fused).

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