Adapter Type 2 to Schuko

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(Public) Charge points provide power to EVs. But what if you could use a charge point to power other equipment? This adapter will exactly do that. The adapter has some electronics to simulate an EV so that the charge point will provide power. The power is both 230 Volt (1 phase) and 400 volt (3 phase). This adapter is using only 1 phase and safely provides the same power as a normal household socket would do.

You can this adapter to charge Light electric vehicles such as motor cycles and electric mopeds. Also other equipment, appliances and tools can be powered using the adapter.
At public charging stations an RFID key or mobile app is often necessary to authenticate and authorise the session.

The cable including plugs is  0.6 meter long.

The adapter can be used in rain and wet conditions.  The IP rating is IP55 in connected state. (More on IP ratings here)

The Type 2 plug will be locked by the charge point. Thereby it is protected against theft.

Additional information


3700 Watt


CE, IEC61851, IEC62169-2

Plug Charge Point

Type 2

Plug outlet

Schuko CEE7/4

Cable length

0.5 meter